Thursday, May 14, 2009

Carol Skinger and Aaron McGregor to show artwork at Rachel's Sustainable Feast May 24, 2009

Carol Skinger's watercolor of the Allegheny River a few miles from
Rachel Carson's Homestead near Pittsburgh

Aaron McGregor's photograph of acid mine run off in the greater region

It's mostly local food and great local chefs (yeah) at Rachel's Sustainable Feast but there will also be something for the eye and the environmental mind!
On Sunday May 24th, 2009 Artist Carol Skinger and photographer Aaron McGregor are taking a tent at Rachel’s Sustainable Feast to show their own art work inspired by the Allegheny River watershed.

Carol’s landscape paintings of the Allegheny River Valley shown with Aaron’s close up photographs of the environmental effects from mining in the region, make a dual visual statement of the environment where Rachel Carson grew up. We are hoping that attendees and supporters of local sustainable small agriculture will make the leap and consider supporting/sustaining or at the very least appreciating the careers home grown artists!

Rick Sebek, Carol Skinger, Aaron McGregor
Rick was there with his film crew doing a documentary about the rivers near Pittsburgh! Exciting!
But then a massive deluge happened before he came down to our side
so we missed out 15 minutes of fame!